How Are Squishies Made?

Squishies are considered to be as one of the latest trend people are going crazy about. This can be seen with countless number these toys available with a huge and expansive design selections to choose from. Those who love squishies want to know more about the product to help deepen their love and appreciation of these toys. One of the most popular questions people ask about squishies is how they are made, if you’d like to see what squishies look like, go here. Let us take a closer look at squishies and its creation.

Aside from their unique design, squishies just as their name implies are also known to squeeze easily and then slowly goes back to the original shape. This is made possible with the rubberized foam the toy is created. This foam is also known as Polyurethane or PU. You might be surprised as to what Polyurethane was original used for as this material was utilized to make aircraft coating. Over the years, Polyurethane expanded its usefulness becoming a preferred material for an all plastic car.

Now that you know what material squishies are made of, you may also find it curious to know if it safe. This is a common concern to many individuals and it is good to hear that Polyurethane is considered to be perfectly safe. This is because the amount of toxic material released from the solid foam form of it found in squishes is very small. With that being said, this toy is considered to be a choking hazard so you may want to have your kids understand that squishies are not food and should not be put into their mouths.

It is also important to note that some squishy items have a slight smell from the paint applied to them and as such, should not be ingested. The same can also be said with regards to squishies with sprinkles or attached fruit or designs glued to them. Although squishy collections oftentimes draw the attention of young kids, it is important for adults to supervise their activity.

Since squishies are made of a foam material, durability is not considered to be one of its strongest feature. Over time, your squishies can begin to loose scent and color especially if you expose them often to direct sunlight. For that matter, many find it important to store their squishies in a cool and dry place with their wrappings intact. Learn more squishies and start your collection today!