How to Clean a Slate Cheese Board?


Slate cheese boards are growing in popularity with their stylish and modern design. This type of cheese board is also known to be pretty durable allowing their owners to use them on a regular day to day basis without any fears of having them easily break. Just like any other cheese board, slate material needs proper maintenance and care in order to maintain its top condition. Let us look at how you can keep your slate cheese board in good shape through cleaning.


Cleaning Your Slate Cheese Board

Slate cheese board possess a number of handy characteristics that makes cleanups relatively easy and fast. It should be noted that the slate material is known to be stain resistant. This means that people will have no worries of having their slate cheese board dirtied. Stains can be easily removed with minimal effort by simply wiping them with a wet cloth.

Food traces oftentimes leaves a mark with your slate cheese board. Over time this becomes much harder to remove with just a wet cloth. During such cases, hand washing is advised with the use of a soapy non-abrasive sponge. People are advised to avoid immersing their slate cheese board in water or perhaps wash them in a dishwasher as this can do more harm than good.

Fully submerging your slate cheese board in water can affect its overall durability. This is the reason why owners are advised to keep their slate cheese board dry at all times. Avoid moisture build up by letting your cheese board dry overnight.


Another thing to note is that slate cheese boards are not intended for use as a cutting or carving board. Cut the food that you will be serving in advance before you put them in the cheese boards. Scratches sometimes cannot be avoided when using these items. With that being said, you can make these scratch marks less obvious simply by rubbing mineral oil with your slate cheese boards.

Maintenance and care does indeed go a long way in helping keep your slate cheese board in tip top shape. Consider the tips mentioned in this article when cleaning your boards. This in turn makes it possible to serve a variety of dishes to your guest in stylist and orderly fashion. You may want to look into buying more than one slate cheese boards especially when you are expecting large guest.