Smart Way to Choose Dinnerware


Dinnerware is a very much sought after item in restaurants and homes. It is good to hear that these types of items have become accessible to the point that just about anyone will be able to purchase them with ease. Unless you plan to avail Slateplate, dinnerware however, can be pretty expensive especially if you are planning on getting them by sets. Here are a few ways on how to smartly choose dinnerware.


Timing is the Key

Dinnerware is made readily available in the present especially with many store owners integrating and setting up their services over the internet. With that being said, this does not mean that you need to buy dinnerware right this instant. If you want to save a fair amount of resources, it is wise to be on the lookout for promos, deals as well as discounts with these types of items as this will definitely go a long way in helping your purchase them without spending a fortune. Stores often do promos and sales during the holidays so this might be a great time to start buying dinnerware to outfit your kitchen.


Compare Prices


As mentioned earlier, may store owners now offer their items online. Dinnerware can also be purchased and bought over the internet which offers a great deal of convenience. With the accessibility of online stores, it is now very easy compare individual prices. Comparing prices with your dinnerware helps give you to some extent and overview on how much you will be spending. Furthermore, this is a great way to gauge the market to see if a particular dinnerware is overly priced or is cheap.


Buy in Sets

There are a number of people who purchase dinnerware individually. This can be a great way to slowly fill your kitchen with the necessary items that you need. For those who don’t have the budget just yet, buying dinnerware individual can help them acquire set pieces in a cumulative manner. Having said that, buying dinnerware individually can cost you more in the long run. Order fees can also accumulate over time without you ever knowing them. On the other hand, buying in sets is a great way to save cost. A number of stores offer great deals and discounts when their customers decide to purchase dinnerware in sets. This also helps save you a great deal of time with pickups as you will only need to do it once.

How to Make the Party Fun with the Help of a Photo Booth?

With a DSLR camera, a colorful backdrop, and a few silly items as props, a party can be turned from being mediocre to spectacular. Because photo booths are very convenient and provide a great opportunity for everyone in the party to goof around, more and more event planners are utilizing a photo booth, or resort to ingeniously setting up their own, in hopes of making a party a success. But aside from being wonderful on their own, photo booths can be made more creative and inventive by adding a few spices to one! Here are some imaginative ideas on how a party can be made extra fun with the help of a photo booth.

An event planner may choose to make photo booth invitations and put them on each table so the guests are made aware of the presence of one. A photo booth invitation has to be creative. One may present a sample of the printed products of the booth in an alluring way so the guests are enticed to go there. The invitation also has to comprise an attracting statement, like, “Be goofy by striking  a pose at a photo booth party!” or “Snap some shots with your friends at the photo booth!”. A planner may add some more accessories to the invitation by either turning it into a stick invitation or by putting it in a fancy envelope with the words “Open me” in front.


A photo booth is not complete without the goofy props! Just like how offers many props. The props are basically what makes a photo booth so exciting. Here’s a golden rule to remember when one is considering to rent or set up a photo booth in a party: the sillier the props, the more fun the photo booth experience turns out. Here are a few suggestions for props and photo booth accessories: wigs, Halloween costumes, sports team jerseys, boas and scarves, costume jewelry, musical instruments, household items like oven mitts, pots, and aprons. A planner may also resort to using trendy items as props. He/She may look for the latest fads on the Internet so the guests are given prop options that they could relate to.


The classic ideas on making the most out of a photo booth include Give The Guest Pose Directions where guests are asked by the attendant to strike a certain pose; a Craft Board where guests could paste some of their pictures on a board and have the liberty to design the board the way they want to; or the presence of food in the booth itself so the guests could munch on something delicious as they make some comical expressions in front of the camera. Photo booths are a great tool to maximize your creativity! Note these useful suggestions and feel free to transform them according to your creative tastes. Photo booths are a great help in translating your visions for a successful turnout of the party you’re planning!

How to Clean a Slate Cheese Board?


Slate cheese boards are growing in popularity with their stylish and modern design. This type of cheese board is also known to be pretty durable allowing their owners to use them on a regular day to day basis without any fears of having them easily break. Just like any other cheese board, slate material needs proper maintenance and care in order to maintain its top condition. Let us look at how you can keep your slate cheese board in good shape through cleaning.


Cleaning Your Slate Cheese Board

Slate cheese board possess a number of handy characteristics that makes cleanups relatively easy and fast. It should be noted that the slate material is known to be stain resistant. This means that people will have no worries of having their slate cheese board dirtied. Stains can be easily removed with minimal effort by simply wiping them with a wet cloth.

Food traces oftentimes leaves a mark with your slate cheese board. Over time this becomes much harder to remove with just a wet cloth. During such cases, hand washing is advised with the use of a soapy non-abrasive sponge. People are advised to avoid immersing their slate cheese board in water or perhaps wash them in a dishwasher as this can do more harm than good.

Fully submerging your slate cheese board in water can affect its overall durability. This is the reason why owners are advised to keep their slate cheese board dry at all times. Avoid moisture build up by letting your cheese board dry overnight.


Another thing to note is that slate cheese boards are not intended for use as a cutting or carving board. Cut the food that you will be serving in advance before you put them in the cheese boards. Scratches sometimes cannot be avoided when using these items. With that being said, you can make these scratch marks less obvious simply by rubbing mineral oil with your slate cheese boards.

Maintenance and care does indeed go a long way in helping keep your slate cheese board in tip top shape. Consider the tips mentioned in this article when cleaning your boards. This in turn makes it possible to serve a variety of dishes to your guest in stylist and orderly fashion. You may want to look into buying more than one slate cheese boards especially when you are expecting large guest.