Post Natal Massage for Women

Pregnancy is taxing on a woman’s body in more ways than one can describe. While it affects every new mother differently, the process in itself takes a major toll on her physical health. Carrying a life in your womb to term and giving birth while being magical in its stead is proportionally exacting. Normal delivery is challenging enough, and if a caesarean has been opted for, the mother’s body undergoes even greater stress.

It is very important that this demanding cycle is given due thought and the new mother is taken care of well to help her recuperate. Recovering from the pregnancy in the right manner should be of prime concern for the mother. Postnatal recovery if not dealt with delicately can lead to permanent adverse effects of the pregnancy for the woman.

Postnatal massage is an excellent way to help the new mother rejuvenate while she takes care of her newborn. It is recommended that a minimum of forty day treatment is adopted. While there are many professional postnatal massage parlors that offer this service, at the right cost the practitioner can also move into your home for this forty day period. In addition to providing you with the perfect relaxing massage, the lady will also help out with the new set of child care chores that have you befuddled.

It has many benefits. It eases muscle tension and relaxes sore spots in your body. Childbirth poses a significant strain on your back, hips, and abdomen. Breastfeeding can also lead to a sore upper back. The massage increases oxygen, and blood flow to your muscles flushes out the toxins from your body. Stimulated by the massage, your body releases endorphins into your system which serve as natural pain killers. Lymph flow will also be stimulated, improving your immunity and well-being. Postnatal depression is also taken care of to a large extent by these relaxing massages.

Breasts should be massaged gently to avoid any damage to them. They are tender right now, and soft strokes can help unblock ducts and loosen clumps or any hardened areas. Breast massage will also trigger Oxytocin flow which will cause breastmilk to leak during the massage. So keep your breastfeeding bra on.

In case you had a caesarean section you must wait for your scar to heal before you can start getting your massages. While it might take a week or two, take a go-ahead from your doctor before starting. Ensure that your masseuse stays away from your scar and abdomen area. After five to six weeks of healing, you can opt for a special scar massage. It will aid in healing the deeper layers of your wound. This also warrants doctor’s approval.

Postnatal massage will effectively speed up your recovery from pregnancy. Make sure to get doctor’s advice and hire a certified massage practitioner. With all the right resources this forty day massage can work wonders for your tired body.