How Are Squishies Made?

Squishies are considered to be as one of the latest trend people are going crazy about. This can be seen with countless number these toys available with a huge and expansive design selections to choose from. Those who love squishies want to know more about the product to help deepen their love and appreciation of these toys. One of the most popular questions people ask about squishies is how they are made, if you’d like to see what squishies look like, go here. Let us take a closer look at squishies and its creation.

Aside from their unique design, squishies just as their name implies are also known to squeeze easily and then slowly goes back to the original shape. This is made possible with the rubberized foam the toy is created. This foam is also known as Polyurethane or PU. You might be surprised as to what Polyurethane was original used for as this material was utilized to make aircraft coating. Over the years, Polyurethane expanded its usefulness becoming a preferred material for an all plastic car.

Now that you know what material squishies are made of, you may also find it curious to know if it safe. This is a common concern to many individuals and it is good to hear that Polyurethane is considered to be perfectly safe. This is because the amount of toxic material released from the solid foam form of it found in squishes is very small. With that being said, this toy is considered to be a choking hazard so you may want to have your kids understand that squishies are not food and should not be put into their mouths.

It is also important to note that some squishy items have a slight smell from the paint applied to them and as such, should not be ingested. The same can also be said with regards to squishies with sprinkles or attached fruit or designs glued to them. Although squishy collections oftentimes draw the attention of young kids, it is important for adults to supervise their activity.

Since squishies are made of a foam material, durability is not considered to be one of its strongest feature. Over time, your squishies can begin to loose scent and color especially if you expose them often to direct sunlight. For that matter, many find it important to store their squishies in a cool and dry place with their wrappings intact. Learn more squishies and start your collection today!

Best Events to Have a Photo Booth


People enjoy the time they spend in photo booths with their friends. They are a sight to behold allowing them to draw the attention of the public in an effortless manner. This is the reason why more and more individuals are employing the services of photo booth companies with their parties livening up the event. These booths however are not considered cheap and people today are expected to prepare a substantial amount of resources in order to acquire them. For that matter, it is important to find the best events to have a photo booth in order to get your money’s worth. It would be better to Ask a photo booth expert.

Melbourne, Australia is a bustling city with parties and events happening on a regular day to day basis. You will be able to easily find photo booths with ease with their every growing popularity. With that said, if you are on a tight budget, employing photo booth companies every time an event occurs may not be very cost effective. Birthday parties for instance, happens every once a year and having a photo booth rented during these events is considered to be a very much worthwhile investment. Having these around will help greatly in keeping your guests excited and engaged reducing the likelihood of them feeling bored.


Another great event that works well with photo booth are graduation ceremonies. This may be the last classmates will be seeing each other as they move on to their respective career paths. For that matter, it is important that they take memorable and fun photos they can look back after many years. Photo booths are able to do just producing unique pictures with props and background they bring to the table. These booths also excel in taking group photos which is great allowing them to accommodate a large number of users in a timely and effective manner.

Weddings also benefit greatly from the photo booth experience. This helps keep your guests busy and preoccupied allowing wedding couples to focus more on their special event. This also helps liven up the reception area as your guests line up as they wait for their turn in the photo booth section.

Finding the best events to employ a photo booth does indeed go a long way in helping people get the most out of their rental service. Consider the events mentioned in this article as you make the necessary measures to secure a photo booth for your upcoming event.

Smart Way to Choose Dinnerware


Dinnerware is a very much sought after item in restaurants and homes. It is good to hear that these types of items have become accessible to the point that just about anyone will be able to purchase them with ease. Unless you plan to avail Slateplate, dinnerware however, can be pretty expensive especially if you are planning on getting them by sets. Here are a few ways on how to smartly choose dinnerware.


Timing is the Key

Dinnerware is made readily available in the present especially with many store owners integrating and setting up their services over the internet. With that being said, this does not mean that you need to buy dinnerware right this instant. If you want to save a fair amount of resources, it is wise to be on the lookout for promos, deals as well as discounts with these types of items as this will definitely go a long way in helping your purchase them without spending a fortune. Stores often do promos and sales during the holidays so this might be a great time to start buying dinnerware to outfit your kitchen.


Compare Prices


As mentioned earlier, may store owners now offer their items online. Dinnerware can also be purchased and bought over the internet which offers a great deal of convenience. With the accessibility of online stores, it is now very easy compare individual prices. Comparing prices with your dinnerware helps give you to some extent and overview on how much you will be spending. Furthermore, this is a great way to gauge the market to see if a particular dinnerware is overly priced or is cheap.


Buy in Sets

There are a number of people who purchase dinnerware individually. This can be a great way to slowly fill your kitchen with the necessary items that you need. For those who don’t have the budget just yet, buying dinnerware individual can help them acquire set pieces in a cumulative manner. Having said that, buying dinnerware individually can cost you more in the long run. Order fees can also accumulate over time without you ever knowing them. On the other hand, buying in sets is a great way to save cost. A number of stores offer great deals and discounts when their customers decide to purchase dinnerware in sets. This also helps save you a great deal of time with pickups as you will only need to do it once.

How to Make the Party Fun with the Help of a Photo Booth?

With a DSLR camera, a colorful backdrop, and a few silly items as props, a party can be turned from being mediocre to spectacular. Because photo booths are very convenient and provide a great opportunity for everyone in the party to goof around, more and more event planners are utilizing a photo booth, or resort to ingeniously setting up their own, in hopes of making a party a success. But aside from being wonderful on their own, photo booths can be made more creative and inventive by adding a few spices to one! Here are some imaginative ideas on how a party can be made extra fun with the help of a photo booth.

An event planner may choose to make photo booth invitations and put them on each table so the guests are made aware of the presence of one. A photo booth invitation has to be creative. One may present a sample of the printed products of the booth in an alluring way so the guests are enticed to go there. The invitation also has to comprise an attracting statement, like, “Be goofy by striking  a pose at a photo booth party!” or “Snap some shots with your friends at the photo booth!”. A planner may add some more accessories to the invitation by either turning it into a stick invitation or by putting it in a fancy envelope with the words “Open me” in front.


A photo booth is not complete without the goofy props! Just like how offers many props. The props are basically what makes a photo booth so exciting. Here’s a golden rule to remember when one is considering to rent or set up a photo booth in a party: the sillier the props, the more fun the photo booth experience turns out. Here are a few suggestions for props and photo booth accessories: wigs, Halloween costumes, sports team jerseys, boas and scarves, costume jewelry, musical instruments, household items like oven mitts, pots, and aprons. A planner may also resort to using trendy items as props. He/She may look for the latest fads on the Internet so the guests are given prop options that they could relate to.


The classic ideas on making the most out of a photo booth include Give The Guest Pose Directions where guests are asked by the attendant to strike a certain pose; a Craft Board where guests could paste some of their pictures on a board and have the liberty to design the board the way they want to; or the presence of food in the booth itself so the guests could munch on something delicious as they make some comical expressions in front of the camera. Photo booths are a great tool to maximize your creativity! Note these useful suggestions and feel free to transform them according to your creative tastes. Photo booths are a great help in translating your visions for a successful turnout of the party you’re planning!

How to Clean a Slate Cheese Board?


Slate cheese boards are growing in popularity with their stylish and modern design. This type of cheese board is also known to be pretty durable allowing their owners to use them on a regular day to day basis without any fears of having them easily break. Just like any other cheese board, slate material needs proper maintenance and care in order to maintain its top condition. Let us look at how you can keep your slate cheese board in good shape through cleaning.


Cleaning Your Slate Cheese Board

Slate cheese board possess a number of handy characteristics that makes cleanups relatively easy and fast. It should be noted that the slate material is known to be stain resistant. This means that people will have no worries of having their slate cheese board dirtied. Stains can be easily removed with minimal effort by simply wiping them with a wet cloth.

Food traces oftentimes leaves a mark with your slate cheese board. Over time this becomes much harder to remove with just a wet cloth. During such cases, hand washing is advised with the use of a soapy non-abrasive sponge. People are advised to avoid immersing their slate cheese board in water or perhaps wash them in a dishwasher as this can do more harm than good.

Fully submerging your slate cheese board in water can affect its overall durability. This is the reason why owners are advised to keep their slate cheese board dry at all times. Avoid moisture build up by letting your cheese board dry overnight.


Another thing to note is that slate cheese boards are not intended for use as a cutting or carving board. Cut the food that you will be serving in advance before you put them in the cheese boards. Scratches sometimes cannot be avoided when using these items. With that being said, you can make these scratch marks less obvious simply by rubbing mineral oil with your slate cheese boards.

Maintenance and care does indeed go a long way in helping keep your slate cheese board in tip top shape. Consider the tips mentioned in this article when cleaning your boards. This in turn makes it possible to serve a variety of dishes to your guest in stylist and orderly fashion. You may want to look into buying more than one slate cheese boards especially when you are expecting large guest.

Placemats for Kids: Practical and Personalized Home Decorating

They, first and foremost ,help protect the table surface from messes. They can also entertain the
child to help them get through those waiting times. 
In making children’s placemats the most important element to remember is the functionality. If it 
isn’t easy to clean, it won’t get used. 
The placemats in today’s project are easy to clean, protect your table surface and can also be used 
to educate or entertain a child of any age. 
Materials Needed: 
Clear plastic tablecloth fabric (1 yard will make about     4 placemats) 
Spray adhesive 
Plastic lacing 
Hole punch 
Paper (11 X 17) 
Optional-markers, computer printouts, rulers, magazine     pictures, etc. 
1.Decide on the shape of your placemat. You can get     really creative or use a standard 
rectangle with rounded corners. 
2.Cut out eight pieces of plastic the finished size of     your placemats. 
3.Cut out four pieces of paper three inches shorter and     narrower than your plastic. In 
other words, if your plastic is 14″ X     20″, your paper will be 11″ X 17″. If you are using 
a     medium like permanent markers that can bleed through the paper cut out     eight 
pieces instead of four. 
Designing Your Placemat 
The age and ability of the child can help determine what you use to design your placemat. You 
can make a placemat for a young child that will show colors or shapes. You can create a mat that 
shows groupings of items for children to count, or draw lines for the child to practice printing 
letters. For an older child you can put in facts about states, climate, history, spelling words or 
even math formulas. 
The placemats can also just be decorative. You can make them to represent the seasons, holidays, 
or milestones in the child’s life. Print off cartoon characters of photos from the computer to add 
the child’s favorite characters and family members. 
Make four placemats using these ideas or ideas of your own. Turn the papers over and then 
create four more. If your marker bled through use a separate sheet of paper for the back. 
Assembling Your Placemat 
1.In a well ventilated space, lay out the eight pieces of     plastic. 
2.Spray thoroughly with your spray adhesive. 
3.Center your first paper placemat evenly on one of the     sheets of plastic right side down. 
Press it down firmly. 
4.If you used a separate sheet of paper for the other     side lay that over the paper evenly. 
5.If you didn’t use a separate sheet of paper, you should     have a design face down and a 
design face up. 
6.Carefully lay a second sheet of sprayed plastic on top     of the paper making sure it is 
centered and that the adhesive side is     facing the paper. 
7.You should now have a two sided placemat sandwiched     between two sheets of plastic. 
Press down firmly all over. 
8.Hole punch around the edge 1/4 to 1/2 inch in from the     outside edge. 
9.Lace the plastic lacing material in and out all the way     around knotting the beginning 
and end to hold it in place. This step is     just to add color and a design element but is not 
necessary for the     placemat to remain secure. 
You can also use clear contact paper if you prefer not to use adhesive spray. If is just a matter of 

Post Natal Massage for Women

Pregnancy is taxing on a woman’s body in more ways than one can describe. While it affects every new mother differently, the process in itself takes a major toll on her physical health. Carrying a life in your womb to term and giving birth while being magical in its stead is proportionally exacting. Normal delivery is challenging enough, and if a caesarean has been opted for, the mother’s body undergoes even greater stress.

It is very important that this demanding cycle is given due thought and the new mother is taken care of well to help her recuperate. Recovering from the pregnancy in the right manner should be of prime concern for the mother. Postnatal recovery if not dealt with delicately can lead to permanent adverse effects of the pregnancy for the woman.

Postnatal massage is an excellent way to help the new mother rejuvenate while she takes care of her newborn. It is recommended that a minimum of forty day treatment is adopted. While there are many professional postnatal massage parlors that offer this service, at the right cost the practitioner can also move into your home for this forty day period. In addition to providing you with the perfect relaxing massage, the lady will also help out with the new set of child care chores that have you befuddled.

It has many benefits. It eases muscle tension and relaxes sore spots in your body. Childbirth poses a significant strain on your back, hips, and abdomen. Breastfeeding can also lead to a sore upper back. The massage increases oxygen, and blood flow to your muscles flushes out the toxins from your body. Stimulated by the massage, your body releases endorphins into your system which serve as natural pain killers. Lymph flow will also be stimulated, improving your immunity and well-being. Postnatal depression is also taken care of to a large extent by these relaxing massages.

Breasts should be massaged gently to avoid any damage to them. They are tender right now, and soft strokes can help unblock ducts and loosen clumps or any hardened areas. Breast massage will also trigger Oxytocin flow which will cause breastmilk to leak during the massage. So keep your breastfeeding bra on.

In case you had a caesarean section you must wait for your scar to heal before you can start getting your massages. While it might take a week or two, take a go-ahead from your doctor before starting. Ensure that your masseuse stays away from your scar and abdomen area. After five to six weeks of healing, you can opt for a special scar massage. It will aid in healing the deeper layers of your wound. This also warrants doctor’s approval.

Postnatal massage will effectively speed up your recovery from pregnancy. Make sure to get doctor’s advice and hire a certified massage practitioner. With all the right resources this forty day massage can work wonders for your tired body.